BRI NEWS Come to Hainan to start the tropical fruit picking journey


Come to Hainan to start the tropical fruit picking journey


13:52, May 15, 2020

In this balmy May in Hainan, with clear sky, blue sea and coconut-scented breeze, the aroma of gourds and fruits fills the air, and one can definitely not miss a finger-licking tropical fruit feast.

Pick litchis in Haikou, exploring ancient volcanic villages

Haikou has a long history of litchi cultivation for more than two thousand years and large-scale planting bases. Among the bases, there are special ones, the volcanic planting areas. Due to the unique landform, fertile volcanic soil rich in minerals, and pure ecological environment here, the flesh of the litchis is creamy and sweet with a distinct floral taste.


Litchis. (Photo by Zhang Mao/Hainan Daily)

★ Recommended picking site: In Shishan area, tourists can explore the ancient villages along volcanoes while picking litchis. For thousands of years, people have lived here and built ancient villages, stone houses, stone towers, and various utensils and tools, recording the distinct volcanic cultural.

Taste wampee in Danzhou, visiting wampee parks

Midsummer in June is the harvest season of wampees in Hainan. Although not well-known to tourists, wampees are very popular with the locals. It is a high-quality fruit with high medicinal value, whose leaves, fruits and seeds can be used as medicine with the effects of improving appetite and relieving pain. As the “salty beverage” fever emerges in the market, wampees can also be added to a cup of saline water as a yummy salty wampee beverage. The slightly salty taste mixed with sweet and sour definitely makes people hooked on it.


Wampees at Nanji Village. 

★ Recommended picking site: Nanji Village has a 100-year wampee garden of ten-mu(1 mu equals 667 square meter ) with more than 160 wampee trees in it. The oldest wampee tree in the village has a history of more than 300 years. Wampees in Nanji Village have big fruits with juicy pulp and few seeds.

Pluck mangoes in Changjiang, appreciating the culture of the Li minority group

Mangoes are known as “the king of tropical fruits” and the world’s top five tropical fruits as well as litchis, bananas, longans and pineapples. As China’s main mango producing region, Hainan has a long history of mango cultivation and abundant germplasm resources. Now it is a good time to eat the Guifei Mango, which contains more juice and sugar as a result of the sunny weather with distinct temperature differences between day and night.


A kid is picking mangoes in Changjiang.

★ Recommended picking site: Changjiang County is known as the hometown of mangoes in China. There are more than 3,000 centennial mango trees in the county. Besides picking mangoes, you can go to Wangxia Town and other places to enjoy the rural scenery and the culture of the Li minority group.

Reap wax apples in Qionghai, enjoying the leisurely idyllic life

Hainan has a superior geographical location, and the fertile land brings ample mineral elements, especially selenium. The wax apples of the black kingkong variety have dark peel and crispy sweet flesh. In order to ensure the quality and preserve the nutrition of the fruits, Hainan farmers can control the blooming and fruiting time of the wax apple tree, making the harvest season during January to February and May to June each year, and thus consumers are able to taste this sweet fruit both in summer and winter.


Wax apples are on sale. (Photo by Yuan Chen)

★ Recommended picking site: The wax apples of Dalu Town have been fostered as a bucolic brand by the Qionghai government. You can go to the rural farm of Wentoupo Village to pick the delicious fruit and experience the poetic idyllic scenery and folk culture.

Harvest rambutans in Baoting, tasting fresh fruits

Rambutans are strict with climate, soil, temperature, and humidity. In Hainan, they are only widely cultivated in Baoting County, attracting many tourists every year. Midsummer in July is the season when this fruit comes onto the market, and there is nothing more exciting than tasting the freshly picked rambutans immediately.

★ Recommended picking site: Baoting has successfully held many rambutan picking activities. The five major picking orchards such as Manyuanhong Orchard, Sitong Orchard, Shandandan Orchard, Nanmao Orchard, and Orchard of Tropical Plants Institute attract tourists every year.

Best time for tropical fruit picking in Hainan


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