Applications to Belt and Road scholarships soon to open in Chengdu
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The city of Chengdu in China’s southwest Sichuan Province will soon be offering the Belt and Road scholarships for international students and the ASEAN art scholarships.

The municipal government approved regulations for the two scholarships on Monday.

It said the scholarships would cater to the spirit and purpose of the Belt and Road Initiative, and would also concentrate on Chengdu’s educational exchanges and cooperation with countries along the route.

The Belt and Road scholarships are for full-time students from citizens of countries along the route, while the ASEAN art scholarships are meant for ASEAN country citizens who intend to pursue at least a college education in Chengdu.

The ASEAN art scholarships also cover international students from Chengdu’s sister cities, countries along the Belt and Road and the West.  At least 75 percent of the scholarships will go to students from ASEAN countries.

The applicants for these two scholarships must fulfill an array of requirements and submit indispensable materials, necessitating mounds of paperwork.

The regulations state that the scholarships range from 12,000 to 42,000 yuan per year mainly for tuition and housing.

(Compiled by Liu Wenbo)