Belt and Road highlighted in Putin’s State-of-Nation Address
By Shan Xin
People's Daily app

Putin promised all attempts to boost relations with China and greater involvement in the Belt and Road initiative during a 90-minute State of the Nation address on Wednesday.


Under Putin’s plan, Russia will step up government spending and investment in areas like artificial intelligence and big data, and strengthen external relations of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) by linking with the Chinese Belt and Road initiative.

Enhancing communication and expanding cooperation are the main orientations for Russia’s foreign policy in 2019, according to Putin, who expressed hope that the European Union would take real steps to restore normal political and economic relations with Moscow.

The President's State of the Nation is an annual public address by the head of the Russian state to both houses of parliament, with this year’s mainly focusing on home affairs including the country’s socio-economic development, demographics, education and healthcare. Defense and international security issues were mentioned at the end, in which the US was warned of retaliation from Moscow if Washington deployed any missiles in Europe.