China’s wisdom on economic cooperation and global security expected at SCO: expert
People's Daily Online

As the world largest international organizations, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) has nearly 3 billion populations, accounting for one-third world population, and its total GDP exceeded $16 trillion after its first expansion in 2017.

The SCO Summit 2018 is scheduled to be held from June 9 to 10, attracting worldwide expectation about China’s role in the world as well as the future of world.

People’s Daily offered you a guide to understand SCO with interviews with leading international relations experts who believe the SCO summit will promote a more impartial and open world.

The unprecedented interactions in Eurasian continent indicate the huge market potential and further promotion in world economics, said Gao Fei, president assistant of China Foreign Affairs University, in an exclusive interview with People’s Daily.

Gao also pointed out the cooperation between the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and SCO can be expected. “As a westwards initiative, the BRI could utilize the mechanism of SCO to promote economic cooperation and regional development, and in return, the joint development could stimulate mutual understanding among states in SCO,” he explained.

One of the highlights in SCO Summit 2018 could be China’s proposal in economic cooperation and global security, according to Gao.

It is believed that China could provide advanced experience for member countries to promote local development and free trade in global economics in the context of anti-globalization trend, Gao noted.