Bangladesh-China "Silk Road" exhibition receives widespread praise
Global Times

An exhibition portraying the history and culture of "Silk Road" has achieved apparently great success as it has attracted widespread praise from visitors including high-profile dignitaries. 

Local and foreign public officials, professors, journalists, academicians, researchers, businesses and groups of students from universities, colleges and schools visited the exhibition which concluded on Thursday. 

The exhibition titled, "Colorful Clouds over Silk Road" opened on Sunday at the Zainul Gallery of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Bangladesh's leading Dhaka University in capital Dhaka. 

The exhibition featured dozens of striking photographs and dresses that take visitors to the golden eras of the Silk Road that served as a trade route bringing together civilizations since ancient times. 

The exhibition was organized by the Yunnan University, Dhaka University, Bangladesh-China Center for Arts and Cultural Exchange, Confucius Institute at Dhaka University and the Faculty of Fine Arts, Dhaka University in collaboration with Overseas Chinese Association in Bangladesh and Institute of Modern Language, University of Dhaka. 

Teachers and representatives of the respective organizations were present during the closing program of the exhibition, which was aimed at paving an opportunity for students and academicians specially to see landscapes along the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative. 

Belt and Road Initiative was highly praised by the discussants at the exhibition's closing program. 

They expressed the hope that countries like Bangladesh have ample opportunity to immensely benefit from the initiative. 

They further mentioned that China is now in a position to support countries in dire need for development assistance, as it has emerged as a major economy on the world stage