Romantic Spring in XISU
By Foreigner
Discover Shaanxi
We hope all the students will return to school safely.
This spring, the alike smile of you and I is the most beautiful scene. The warm spring is spreading in the campus.
The blooming flowers are reflected in front of the building.
The most famous place is the green shade pavilion,spring has not yet flourished, the sunshine penetrated through.
Scent of flower is full of campus.
Red dotted with dreams.
Cats & flowers, college amorous feelings.
Everything flourishes when it comes to it. In silence, the campus is full of vitality. The spring as always, is intoxicating. Red, yellow and white powder dizzy into a piece. A variety of colors intertwined.
Enjoy the Romantic Spring. Xi’an International Studies University welcomes you!
The shadow of the tree jumps on the building, and the gentle sun twinkles between the red walls and white tiles, the firm and huge building has a quiet breath.
The flowers swarmed up and smelled.
In the evening, the spring breeze is fine and clear, and the whole person is refreshed. If you remember who stayed here with you.
Bees are working hard to gather honey.