Maldives tourist arrivals hit 1 mln mark


Photo: VCG

MALE, Aug. 23 (Xinhua) -- Tourist arrivals to the Maldives crossed the 1 million mark in August as the number of visitors to the island country recorded a strong growth in recent months, the Tourism Ministry said on Friday.

Tourism Minister Ali Waheed was quoted in a statement as saying that 994,733 tourists had visited the Maldives till the end of July and by Aug. 2 this number had topped the 1 million mark.

Tourist arrivals in July registered a 17.2-percent growth, compared with the same period last year.

The target of tourist arrivals set for this year by the government is 1.5 million and it is working to ensure the number of arrivals by the government's first anniversary which falls on Nov. 17, Waheed said.

The Tourism Ministry said China is currently the top market for Maldives tourism as there was a 7.6-percent growth in Chinese tourist arrivals till August.