This Land is Shaanxi
By Foreigner
Discover Shannxi

This land boasts the 400km-long Qinchuan (the Guanzghong Plain) and showcases three thousand years' history of China.


Qin Opera resounds along Huanghe River.

Xintianyou Ballad reverberates in the Loess Plateau.

And revolutionary culture has been passed down from generation to generation.


This is the cradle of the Chinese civilization.

This is the starting point of the Silk Road.

This is the ecological backbone of the Chinese nation.


Loess and greenery, quaintness and modernity, wildness and tenderness interace with each other.  


We inherit and pass on traditions.

We seek innovation, inclusiveness and diversity.

We keep exploration

and in exploration we embark on a new journey.

All in this wonderful place.  

This land is Shaanxi.