Chinese ambassador hails Chinese brands' appearances at Qatar World Cup

Chinese Ambassador to Qatar Zhou Jian said Chinese elements and brands have shined like stars on the World Cup stage.

"The popularity of Chinese elements in Qatar is an epitome of the great development of China-Qatar pragmatic cooperation,” Zhou said.


Chinese Ambassdor to Qatar Zhou Jian speaks at Hisense's 2022 Global Customer Conference

China-Qatar economic and trade cooperation in recent years has been developing rapidly with fruitful results. Since 2020, China has remained Qatar's largest trading partner, largest source of imports and largest export destination. In the first three quarters of this year, trade between China and Qatar reached $19.5 billion, up 66 percent year-on-year.

Many Chinese companies have been deeply involved in the preparations for the 2022 World Cup. They helped Qatar to build the World Cup's largest venue, the Lussel Stadium, and Qatar's first green solar photovoltaic project. Chinese companies also provided comfortable new energy buses and advanced network communication equipment.

All these have contributed to the success of the World Cup and are a vivid example of high-quality Belt and Road cooperation, Zhou said.

The ambassador also highlighted Chinese home appliance giant Hisense‘s slogan "Made in China, Working Together," showing a good image of Chinese enterprises and attracting wide attention from the international community.

Hisense's chairman Lin Lan speaks at the 2022 Global Customer Conference

On the day of the World Cup final, Hisense held the 2022 Global Customer Conference and announced its new brand growth plan to become a more well-known high-value brand in the next three years, by focusing on green and artificial intelligence and carrying out active global talent growth plans via long-term cooperation with authoritative global consulting institutions.

The ambassador expressed hopes that people from all walks of life in China and Qatar will seize opportunities, deepen cooperation and push for further fruitful results in China-Qatar practical cooperation.