This is Shaanxi: National Forest Park of Muwang
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Muwang National Forest Park is located in Muwang state-owned forest farm in the west of Zhen'an County, Shaanxi Province, with Xi'an in the north, Ankang in the south, and Hanzhong in the west, covering a total area of 3,616 hectares.     

Dominated by azaleas as well as grotesque peaks and rocks, Muwang National Forest Park presents a beautiful northern subtropical forest scenery. It is well known for its millennium fir forest, azalea trees, Beak Peak, and stone waterfalls. A total of 3 rivers, 9 streams, 18 waterfalls, 36 pools, 72 peak and 108 scenic spots can be found in the park, which is divided into three scenic areas and one natural reserve.

With mild climate, abundant rainfall, and the forest coverage rate up to 98.3%, it is a natural oxygen bar. Besides, the park also boasts lush green vegetation, a vast expanse of pasture, and kinds of rare animals.

A total of over 1,300 species of seed plants grow here, 30 among which are nationally protected tree species, such as yew, lanceolata, water green, and Qinling fir. At the same time, the park provides a habitat for more than 200 kinds of wild animals, including over 10 protected species such as takin, clouded leopard, golden eagle, black bear, white-crowned pheasant, giant salamander, and forest musk deer. On top of that, the National Forest Park of Muwang is also home to giant pandas.

Double-headed Horse Area

Dominated by its unique landform and forest, the area gets the name because of the mountain that resembles a horse with two heads.  

Sihaiping Scenic Area

Sihaiping Scenic Area is unique for its waterfalls and towering trees.

Cigou Valley Area

Beak Peak Reserve

Featuring trees and natural landscape, the reserve is also ideal for forest adventure.