Shaanxi intangible cultural heritage products shown at Import Expo
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Photo: VCG

"Flowers made of flour", "Clay sculpture", "Spoon art", "Yijun paper cutting", "Huaxian shadow puppet". On November 7, in the intangible cultural heritage exhibition area of the Import Expo, the Shaanxi exhibition area was bustling. Tourists and merchants viewed the exhibits, tasted the delicacies, and felt the charm of Shaanxi culture. The "Xi'an drum" performance was the highlight.

There are 26 enterprises and hundreds of products, which Shaanxi enterprises are doing to show local culture, regional delicacies and traditional crafts.

The Shaanxi exhibition area is designed with three main colors of Chinese red, classical yellow and clear black. The architectural design elements come from Chang'an City in the Han and Tang Dynasties, which represent the achievements of historical accumulation and cultural construction in those dynasties, and highlights the importance of Shaanxi along the Silk Road economy. The interior and exterior points of the exhibition are also decorated with Shaanxi's cultural, historical and natural elements, showing the  confidence of Shaanxi.

"We hope to display Shaanxi's profound history and culture through intangible cultural heritage and time-honored brand promotion. At the same time, through the Import Expo, we let the enterprises of Shaanxi reach the world. "Staff of the Department of Commerce of Shaanxi told a reporter that Shaanxi Province has selected hundreds of products in six categories--intangible cultural heritage projects, Chinese time-honored brands and geographically-featured products for display, performance and interaction, as well as exhibition and sales. A total of 26 enterprises participated, including 6 intangible cultural heritage projects, 13 Chinese time-honored brands and intangible cultural heritage products, and 7 Shaanxi featured products.

In the past three days, Xifeng wine, Xiecun yellow wine and Xianyang Fu tea have been tasted a lot. Chengcheng embroidery, Fengxiang clay sculpture, Shehuo festival, Yijun paper-cut, mutton paomo, apple, kiwi and other products are very popular. On site consultation and online orders continue to increase. Aside from tourists, guests from Brazil, France, Kazakhstan, Greece, New Zealand, Italy and other countries have come. CCTV Finance, the international business news agency, Xinhua and other media have shown great interest in Shaanxi intangible cultural heritage products.

Zhao Jiangrui, from the Intangible Cultural Heritage Department of Shaanxi Provincial Department of culture and tourism, told us that Xi'an drum music is one of the three human intangible cultural heritages in Shaanxi Province, which shows the unique charm and cultural heritage of Shaanxi to the world. Five repertoires, including "Nine Dragons praise", were performed.

(Compiled by Bai Yuanqi and Ma Luyao)