This is our Shaanxi
By Foreigner
Discover Shaanxi

This is Shaanxi, where food is fascinating and rustic and at the same time, people are honest and friendly.





Huimin Street is bustling all the time, snacks in different regions have a distinctive flavor, and people are kind and straightforward.


This is Shaanxi which has vast land and beautiful scenes. 

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Bailed as the ''The most dangerous mountain", Mt.Hua is magnificent; Red swamp in the desert is splendid; The spectacular Hukou Waterfall rolls on incessantly.

Hong Jian Nao, Yulin

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Hukou Waterfall

This is Shaanxi steeped in history.


The Qianling Mausoleum


The Huangdi's Mausoleum

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Shaanxi History Museum


Terracotta Warrior Museum

The place with a large population used to be hustling capitals. A total of thirteen dynasties set capital in Chang'an, today's Xi'an. Nowadays, we can find over 120 imperial tombs and mausoleums in the province. Among them are The Qianling Mausoleum, the tomb of Emperor Gaozong and his Empress Wu Zetian, The Huangdi's Mausoleum, Shaanxi  History Museum with a large number of cultural relics, and Terracotta Warrior Museum which is known as "The Eighth Wonder of The World".

Those museums and mausoleums have witnessed vicissitudes of the Chinese nation like historical records.  In the next few days, we will show you museums with a distinctive feature of different dynasties in chronological order. I hope you will like this tour in the long river of history.