Beijing 2022 is bound to make history: BOCOG president

Cai Qi, president of the Beijing 2022 organizing committee (BOCOG), said on Sunday that the Beijing Winter Olympics is bound to make history as the 16-day event draws to a close.

"Over the past 16 days, you (media) have covered the Games in an all-encompassing manner despite the inconvenience caused by COVID-19. By doing so, you've helped us present to the whole world an Olympic Winter Games that is bound to make history," Cai told a press conference via video link at the Main Media Center.

The BOCOG president underlined that despite the challenges brought by the pandemic, the organizing committee has been devoted to stage a streamlined, safe and splendid Olympic Winter Games in a green, inclusive, open, and clean approach in close cooperation with the International Olympic Committee and various other stakeholders.

"The Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 is indeed fantastic, extraordinary and excellent," noted Cai, adding that "there has been an excellent winter Olympic atmosphere and Beijing has showed unique charm as the first city in history to have staged both the Olympic Summer and Winter Games."

Cai said that the event organization has run smoothly to allow athletes to compete in a professional and fair competition environment. They, together with other stakeholders, are also provided with thoughtful services including catering, transport and medical care, which show the sincerity and friendliness of the Chinese people.

"The competitions have been fantastic, leaving a deep impression and beautiful memory on spectators from all over the world," Cai said.

As the first global multi-sport event to be held as scheduled since the COVID-19 outbreak, Beijing 2022 has effective COVID-19 countermeasures, which will provide "a successful paradigm for other major international events," Cai said.

He also pointed out that the Games will leave lasting legacies in local development and winter sports promotion, which will usher new era in global winter sports development.

Held under the motto of "Together for a Shared Future," Beijing 2022 has promoted the Olympic spirit, strengthen communication and understanding through sports which is a universal language, and has provided a stage for exchanges and mutual learning between different cultures, Cai noted.

"In just 12 days, the Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games will open. We will continue to do our utmost to prepare for the Paralympic Winter Games and ensure that the two Games are of equal splendour," Cai concluded, before wishing the next Winter Olympics in Milan-Cortina, Italy a big success.