Winter Olympics inspire Chinese people to create various related artworks
People's Daily Online

People across China are making the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games related art to show their passion and support for the event.

Photo shows a Bing Dwen Dwen made out of an orange. ( Fei)

With the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics mascot Bing Dwen Dwen merchandise, a cute panda clad in a spacesuit-like clear shell, flying off the shelves, many Chinese people started to make their own Bing Dwen Dwens, to show their love for the big star of this year's Games. Two siblings in Xinyang city, central China's Henan Province, made a snow Bing Dwen Dwen after heavy snowfall, which became very popular on the internet. A net user in Zhengzhou, capital of Henan, used an orange to create a Bing Dwen Dwen model. Some people also drew Bing Dwen Dwen, or made dough sculptures of Bing Dwen Dwen.

In addition, a 20.22-meter-long calligraphy artwork following the theme of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics was created by Ge Chen, an art master, and was displayed in Zhengzhou, Henan on the day that the Beijing Winter Olympics opened. Ge said that the Winter Olympics are not just about sport, but also about art. Ge hopes to spread traditional Chinese culture and show support for the Games through the exhibition.

Photo shows a piece of paper-cutting work themed on “Together for a Shared Future,” the official motto for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. (Photo/Jia Yanmei)

An intangible heritage inheritor of paper-cutting, Jia Yanmei from Shangqiu, Henan and other local paper-cutting artists made a piece of paper-cutting artwork based on the official motto of the Winter Games “Together for a Shared Future.” This artwork also included elements such as Bing Dwen Dwen, tigers, this year’s zodiac sign, and the peony, the national flower of China. 

Photo shows a 20.22-meter-long calligraphy and painting artwork themed on the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics by Ge Chen, an art master. ( Yan)