Panasonic refutes reports of suspending business with Huawei

The Panasonic Corporation of China has not suspended business with Huawei and continues to supply the Chinese firm normally, the company said in a statement on Thursday.


The photo shows the statement released by Panasonic Corporation of China on Thursday.

Huawei has long been an important partner of the company, the statement said, adding that Panasonic will continue to provide products and services to Huawei and other Chinese companies.

Huawei on US blacklist

Earlier on Thursday, media reports said that Japan's Panasonic has stopped business transactions with Huawei and its affiliates covered by the US ban.

Last week, Washington placed the Chinese tech company on its trade blacklist, blocking it from buying components from US firms.

Huawei: Business with Panasonic remains normal

Huawei also said on Thursday that its business with Panasonic remains normal after the latter refuted reports of suspending shipments with the Chinese telecom giant.

"Panasonic is an important partner of Huawei, we have close cooperation in various sectors. We thank Panasonic for its consistent support," said the company.