China to speed up industrial internet development

A visitor takes photos of a set of demonstration models during the China 5G+ Industrial Internet Conference in Wuhan, Central China's Hubei province, on Nov 19, 2020. (Photo: Xinhua)

WUHAN - China is accelerating industrial internet development through integration with 5G technologies to boost its digital economy, said Xiao Yaqing, China's minister of industry and information technology, on Friday.

The country will focus on building better network, platform and security systems for the industrial internet, Xiao said at the China 5G + Industrial Internet Conference held in Wuhan, Central China's Hubei province.

The industrial internet is considered a key to digital transformation as 5G network can provide much quicker data transmission.

China has more than 1,100 projects empowered by 5G technology and industrial internet, and over 30 industries including raw material and healthcare have seen the application of industrial internet, said Xiao.

Xiao also pointed out that China will involve more industries in the real economy with 5G and industrial internet applications, and encourage quality development of small and medium-sized enterprises through digital transformation.