Sanlitun bar street to get renovated

(ECNS) -- Sanlitun bar street, located near the Taikooli shopping center in east Beijing's Chaoyang district, will be renovated and the bars on the street will close, according to an official on Tuesday.

A visitor takes a photo on the Sanlitun bar street on Feb 1, 2023. (Photo:

Wei Lei, deputy director of Sanlitun sub-district, said after appraisement by a third-party institution, the safety of the buildings on the street received a D grade, which means the venues are not suitable for operation anymore.

Hazards should be immediately eliminated and the buildings should be reinforced against earthquakes, according to Wei.

After renovation, the strip will still be known as a bar street, but more types of businesses including coffee shops and snack restaurants will be introduced, he added.

The street was initially set up in the 1990s. Before becoming a bar street, it was an automobile accessory and clothing store cluster. After years of development, it transformed from a dirty street to a fashion hub.

According to data from, in 2022, Beijing has introduced a total of 812 flagship stores of brands, of which 433 were introduced in Chaoyang District, and 63 in Sanlitun area.

As of now, the Sanlitun business area has achieved full coverage of 5G signals.