Sokon's Seres to roll out more models with Huawei
China Daily

Huawei's Device Business Group CEO Yu Chengdong and Sokon Chairman Zhang Xinghai speak when they unveil the AITO M7 on Monday. (Photo provided to

Chongqing-based carmaker Sokon Group said it will have long-term and sustainable cooperation with Huawei as the two join hands to explore the booming new energy vehicle segment.

Zhang Xinghai, chairman of the group, made the remarks when the two companies unveiled the electric AITO M7 SUV on Monday.

The model was the result of cooperation between Huawei and Sokon's subsidiary Jinkang Seres. The six-seat SUV came after the AITO M5, which was unveiled in December 2021.

"We have just started our cooperation, which will be deep, long-term and sustainable," said Zhang.

Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei's device business group and its intelligent vehicle solutions business unit, said AITO has become the fastest-growing smart electric vehicle brand.

He said the AITO M5 saw its 10,000th unit delivered on the 87th day of its launch and so far over 11,200 have been sold.

Zhang said the partnership has allowed the two companies to bring into full play their respective strength.

"Huawei is leading in smart technology and Seres has over two years of experience in car manufacturing," he said.

"Our cooperation has been very efficient and we will roll out more models," said Zhang.

Sokon has been shifting towards electrification. The company sold 45,622 new energy vehicles in the first six months this year, up 204.5 percent from the same period last year.