Huawei, China Unicom to build Beijing into global benchmark for 5G
China Daily

(Photo: Agencies)

Huawei Technologies Co inked a deal with the Beijing branch of China Unicom, a major telecom carrier, on Wednesday, as the two sides aim to build Beijing into a global benchmark for 5G applications.

Under the "5G Capital" project, the two companies will accelerate the construction of 5G in Beijing, step up efforts to commercialize the technology and explore business models for 5G technology innovations.

China Unicom and Huawei said the plan will revolve around six innovative solutions to reach wider, faster and better 5G coverage in Beijing. The two sides also will focus on using superfast wireless technology to better support smart healthcare, smart parks, smart campuses and smart stadia this year.

The move came as China attaches great importance to the construction of new infrastructure, including 5G networks.

Yang Lifan, deputy general manager of China Unicom Beijing, said as of Tuesday, Beijing has become the first city in China to have more than 1 million 5G mobile subscribers. It has already built more than 10,000 5G base stations in the capital, achieving continuous outdoor coverage.

"By partnering with Huawei to launch the "5G Capital" project, we aim to push Beijing's 5G construction into a new stage. We hope to leverage our edge to establish a global benchmark for 5G networks and applications," Yang said.

Peng Honghua, chief marketing officer of wireless business for Huawei, said the company's leading solutions are the result of long-term strategic partnerships with telecom carriers.

"On the basis of joint development and testing, Huawei wants to turn the company's technological edge into commercial value," Peng said, "We hope the 5G Capital project can help bring the superfast wireless technology into more industries."