China launches investigation into FedEx


(Photo: IC)

BEIJING, June 14 (Xinhua) -- China's relevant government department has started an investigation into FedEx, delivering a notice of inquiry to FedEx China on Friday.

The investigation is about the company's earlier failure to deliver express packages to designated addresses in China.

The relevant government department notified FedEx of the inquiry to uncover the truth in a more in-depth and comprehensive way, Yin Shaocheng, an associate professor with the Capital University of Economics and Business, told Xinhua in an interview.

Inquiry of related parties and on-site inspection are methods used by administrative organs in investigations and evidence collection, Yin said.

When administrative organs conduct investigations or inspections, the party and other persons concerned shall truthfully answer questions and assist in the investigation or inspection and shall not obstruct it, according to China's administrative penalty law.

On June 1, China's relevant government department announced the decision to file a case for investigation of FedEx on suspicion of undermining the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese clients.

As a party to the case, FedEx China is obliged to accept inquiry, Yin said.

He said the investigation could use one or multiple inquiries to gather evidence, noting that the scope of the probe could expand if more clues are uncovered.