Scandal-hit Didi launches trial of new trip recording feature
China Plus

China's ride-hailing giant Didi Chuxing on Saturday started rolling out a new feature that can record audio during a journey.


A Didi Chuxing driver checks the information on the application in his car in Beijing, China August 28, 2018. (File photo: VCG)

The move is part of the platform's ongoing safety review following the killing of a 20-year-old Didi hitch-hiking passenger in August, the second such case since May.

The introduction of the new feature, which was announced on Tuesday, will be rolled out to its car-hailing and ride-sharing services. The company has promised to "store relevant data in an encrypted way and protect the privacy of both drivers and passengers."

Last week, government regulators in China demanded that Didi take steps to improve the safety of its customers.

In addition to the new audio recording feature, Didi also announced that it will suspend some of its late-night ride-hailing services on the Chinese mainland from September 8 to 15. 

It also promised to add a one-click police emergency button to its app, allow customers to register emergency contact details in their profile, and bolster its customer service team.