Some shoppers find a lower-key Black Friday

Photo: AP 

Some shoppers were surprised at how little madness there was in Black Friday.

At a Walmart in Toledo, Ohio, shopping ads left behind from the night before littered the mostly empty parking lot Friday morning. Those who were out found plenty of parking spaces closer to the store than they would most weekend mornings. Inside, less than a dozen shoppers stood in line at a handful of the 22 cash register lanes that were open.


Photo: Reuters

Celina Ramsey, 24, of Toledo, thought maybe she had missed all the deals because there were so few people around. She found some sales, but less than she expected. Rose Roberts of Toledo said she didn’t see any of the craziness and it made it nicer.


Photo: Reuters

At a shopping complex in Miami, people were easily finding parking and picking up items or heading straight to the cashiers without having to wait in line like it was a regular weekday. Annette Peluffo said she doesn’t usually do Black Friday but it was quiet, and the lines weren’t bad.