MOFA: China to protect legitimate rights over new US tariff threat


(Photo: CGTN)

The new US tariffs are “typical trade bullying” and China will fight back to safeguard its legitimate rights and interest, Hua Chunying, spokesperson of China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said at Wednesday’s daily briefing. 

“This is a fight between unilateralism and multilateralism, a fight between protectionism and free trade, a fight between power and rules,” Hua said. “China will stand with the international community to jointly defend free trade rules.”

The US on Tuesday unveiled a list of $200 billion worth of Chinese goods that could soon be hit with tariffs, following the previous round of $34 billion in tariffs levied on China last week.

China’s Ministry of Commerce said earlier on Wednesday that China will be forced to take necessary countermeasures, slamming the US’ new tariff threat as “unacceptable.”