Trade spat impact 'controllable': Chinese spokesperson
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(Photo: VCG)

China stressed it's able to deal with the impact unleashed from the trade spat with the US.

Gao Feng, spokesperson of China’s Commerce Ministry, admitted that the escalation in the ongoing trade frictions would certainly impact China and the US and spill over to other places. Gao made the remarks at a regular press conference Thursday. 

However, the effect will be completely “controllable” by China, and China will weather through the adversaries because relevant measures aimed to stabilizing the economy have been in place and paid off.

The ministry will continue to implement the policies to address the concerns of the business community, Gao said.

The commerce ministry will continue to watch changes in domestic retail prices and will take measures accordingly, said Gao. 

Retail prices remained stable and overall national economic activities stayed within a reasonable range in April, according to the latest data from the National Bureau of Statistics. 

(Compiled by Chen Lidan)