Apple causes controversy during event for not adding 'China' before HK, Taiwan
People's Daily Online

Apple sparked heated discussion in China after its launch event on Sept. 13, but not because of its innovative new models.

While introducing the release date of the iPhone XS, the American multinational technology company listed China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan on the same page.

However, it was not this practice that irritated Chinese consumers, as the U.S. and the U.S. Virgin Islands also appeared on the same page.

The real issue is that Apple understands the difference between the U.S. Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands, hence the addition of “U.S.” before this overseas territory.

However, it is also common knowledge that Hong Kong and Taiwan are territories of China, and this fact is recognized by the United Nations and many countries around the world.

Chinese consumers expect equality when dealing with American and Chinese territories.

Such sensitive issues are likely to arouse controversy, which will reflect in the Chinese market. It will hurt the image of these transnational companies in China and may even cause legal problems.

As a result, Chinese consumers hope that Apple acts swiftly to correct its mistake.