CDFG joins hands with Guerlain to launch Bee School Project
China Daily


From June 15 to 17, 2022, CDFG and Guerlain introduced the Bee School Project to 250 Grade-1 students at RDFZ Sanya School.

The Bee School Project, born in 2015, is an enlightenment education project of environmental protection for children, jointly carried out by UNESCO, OFA (L'Observatoire Français d'Apidologie), the ELYX Foundation (the United Nations Mascot) and Guerlain. Bee, a crucial role assisting global plant in reproduction, serves as the core educational element in this environmental protection project.

Gao Xujiang, deputy general manager of China Tourism Group Duty Free Corporation Limited and executive director and Party secretary of CDFG Sanya Downtown Duty Free Store Co Ltd, had a brief sharing and encouragement talk with the president of RDFZ Sanya School and the duty free channel supplier of Guerlain in China at the opening ceremony, for the purpose of creating a harmonious atmosphere for children and offering them a fruitful experience in a lively and relaxed environment.