Airbus sees strong 2021 in China
China Daily

An Airbus A320neo aircraft in Colomiers near Toulouse, France, Oct 17, 2017. (Photo: Agencies)

European aircraft manufacturer Airbus reported strong financial results for 2021 globally and in China -- its largest single country market. The company said it is looking to explore more cooperation opportunities with Chinese aviation industry players.

Last year, Airbus delivered 611 commercial aircraft worldwide, up 8 percent year-on-year, beating expectations. Its revenue increased 4 percent to 52.1 billion euros ($59.4 billion), mainly reflecting higher numbers of commercial aircraft deliveries, and the company achieved a net profit of 4.2 billion euros last year.

Among the total, Airbus delivered 142 commercial aircraft to Chinese carriers, jumping more than 40 percent year-on-year. China accounted for 23 percent of the company's global total, it said.

"It was a year of transition in 2021, where our attention shifted from navigating the COVID-19 pandemic toward recovery and growth. We delivered remarkable full-year results," said Guillaume Faury, Airbus chief executive officer.

By the end of last year, at its final assembly line in Tianjin for the A320 family aircraft, Airbus delivered 555 A320 aircraft to Chinese and Asian customers. This year, Airbus is expected to deliver its 600th A320-series aircraft assembled in Tianjin, it said.

Meanwhile, Airbus plans to expand the capability of its final assembly line in Tianjin to A321 production, and deliver the first A321 aircraft from Tianjin by the end of the year. This year, Airbus will train its employees and perform adaption work to make the final assembly line in Tianjin A321-ready.

A321 serves as the biggest member of the A320 family. It can hold about 30 percent more passengers than the A320, and is capable of flying up to 8,700 kilometers on a full tank of fuel.

"Last year, we introduced about 100 technicians and skilled workers from Europe to China to provide training for Chinese employees. It proved that Airbus highly regards the importance of its cooperation with Chinese strategic partners, as the company made further investments in China when it canceled some projects elsewhere, given the COVID-19 pandemic," said George Xu, executive vice-president of Airbus and CEO for Airbus China.