China sets energy targets for 2022
China Daily

A view of the wind turbines installed on Nanpeng Island, Guangdong province. [Photo/China Daily]

BEIJING - China's National Energy Administration has released a guideline on energy development for 2022, detailing targets for securing energy supplies and boosting energy efficiency.

In 2022, annual domestic energy production capacity will amount to 4.41 billion tons of standard coal while crude oil output will reach around 200 million tons, according to the guideline.

Natural gas output is expected to reach 214 billion cubic meters, the guideline specifies.

It also seeks to steadily lower the nation's dependence on coal, pledging to increase the share of non-fossil fuel in China's overall energy consumption to around 17.3 percent.

Wind power and photovoltaic power generation will account for about 12.2 percent of power consumption, the guideline notes.