World Internet Conference set to open in Zhejiang province
China Daily

(File photo: China Daily)

The sixth World Internet Conference (WIC), starting Sunday, Oct 20 in Wuzhen of Zhejiang province, will look to showcase the latest achievements in science and technology, said organizers.

"More than 60 innovative high-tech projects from 40 enterprises were selected to improve the event as an all-around experience field for state-of-the-art technologies," said Wu Junqing, deputy director of the Zhejiang Province Economic and Information Commission.

According to Wu, the conference's service efficiency and accuracy will be greatly improved with the application of augmented reality and 5G technologies. Guests from home and abroad will have the opportunity of gaining a 5G immersive experience and panoramic views of Wuzhen's history at the newly established exhibition hall.

A 5G experience area was allocated to showcase all the latest applications in various sectors of industrial manufacture, transportation, education, medical care, entertainment, sports, media, and logistics. A slew of VR-embedded interactive experience projects will allow people to simulate the experience of driving, playing golf, playing table tennis, as well as skiing and traveling in space.

"5G technologies will also facilitate Wuzhen's urban operation and management, making remote medical, remote dressing, unmanned stores, as well as food and ingredients' origin tracking possible, so as to improve people's life quality," said Wu.

Co-organized by the Cyberspace Administration of China and the Zhejiang provincial government, this year's WIC will run for three days until Oct 22. It has attracted more than 1,500 guests including internet experts, scholars, government officials and technology entrepreneurs.