Nestle launches personalized healthy drink series
China Daily


Nestlé on Tuesday launches NESQINO – a healthy drink made from 100 percent natural ingredients to tap into the health-food market. (Photo: China Daily)

World-leading food and beverage giant Nestlé on Tuesday launched NESQINO – a series of healthy drinks made from 100 percent natural ingredients to tap into the health-food market and attract health-conscious consumers.

The product has been developed by Nestlé Dairy Research & Development in less than 18 months, emphasizing healthy and balanced ingredients and aiming to differentiate itself from diet meal replacements.

Its target consumers are aged 25-35 and interested in healthy lifestyles.

Chinese consumers have shown a rising interest in health and well-being since the emergence of the COVID-19 epidemic, said Jason Yu, general manager of Kantar Worldpanel China. This offers more market potential for products related to health and well-being, he said.

Rashid Qureshi, chairman and CEO of Nestlé China, said: "Chinese consumers have rigorous requirements for their health, and they are increasingly looking for solutions for their individual health needs. In response, Nestlé has brought together its global R&D resources and creative nutritionists to develop NESQINO, a smart and simple solution for making personalized healthy and tasty drinks."

The move is part of Nestlé's strategy of driving personalized nutrition in a smart way.

"Chinese consumers, especially the post-85 and post-90 generations, have a broader vision and mindset," said Angelo Giardini, senior vice-president of Dairy, Ice Cream, Confectionery and Industrial Solutions at Nestlé China.

"They are cosmopolitan and they are individual—they take nutrition and health seriously while maintaining an easygoing lifestyle," Angelo added.

NESQINO comprises a digitally connected Q-mug machine, sachets and three different base sachets: smoothie, oat shake and milk shake.

Consumers simply choose one sachet and one base sachet, pour the contents into the Q-mug with water, and select the desired temperature – for a hot or cold beverage ready in just two minutes.

Nestle will join Tmall Club to launch a pop-up restaurant for the new product at Tribe Solana Beijing in May, where customers will be able to enjoy a personalized "Wellness My Way" experience.

And in the future NESQINO and Tmall will integrate more consumer feedback into the innovation and development of subsequent products, by leveraging consumer big data.