Incomes of people lifted out of poverty jump 14.3 pct in 2022

(File photo: Xinhua)

BEIJING, Jan. 21 (Xinhua) -- Incomes of people lifted out of poverty grew at a robust rate of 14.3 percent year on year in 2022, data from the National Rural Revitalization Administration showed.

The growth rate was 8 percentage points higher than that of per capita disposable income of rural residents, the administration said.

Last year, the per capita net income of those lifted out of poverty reached 14,342 yuan (about 2,118.4 U.S. dollars).

Chinese authorities have been creating more jobs for those lifted out of poverty and developing characteristic industries in rural areas in a bid to boost their incomes.

China will continue to increase job opportunities for people lifted out of poverty with the support of policies to expand effective investment and stimulate domestic demand, Liu Huanxin, head of the administration, said earlier this week.

Measures will be taken to ramp up the development of the rural collective economy, such as making good use of collective land and supporting the growth of rural cooperatives, he added.