China reminds internet companies to spread correct information: FM
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17:17, December 16, 2022


China reminded internet companies of their responsibilities to spread correct information to the public on Friday.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Wang Wenbin made the remarks at a routine press briefing in Beijing after Google denied on Thursday it has manipulated web listings to determine ranking of specific pages.

China accused the US tech giant of preventing the correct national anthem of China from emerging as the top result on its page after a wrong song was played for Hong Kong athletes at two international sports events last month.

Hong Kong authorities have demanded the company to remove the wrong song from search results.

"Internet companies have the responsibility to deliver the correct information to the public, rather than letting the wrong information spread and mislead the public, especially when it comes to issues associated with national dignity, such as the national anthem,” Wang emphasized.

(Compiled by Qiu Yue)