Cryptography draft law to be reviewed second time
China Daily

A draft law promoting the steady and sound development of cryptography as well as cybersecurity is to be submitted to China's top legislature for further review next week.


File photo: VCG

The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, the country's top legislative body, will review the draft law on cryptography for the second time at its bimonthly session that will open on Monday, according to the committee's Legislative Affairs Commission.

On Friday, Zang Tiewei, the commission's spokesman, said during a news conference that the new version of the draft will give more detail on cryptography talent education and on improving the security evaluation of commercial cryptography.

After the draft was first reviewed in June, the commission opened it to public online on July 5 and received 358 opinions from netizens by Sept 2, including some from foreign enterprises based in China voicing their concerns on whether the draft would limit their encrypted services or products.

In response to this issue, Zang said: "We won't discriminate against foreign-related enterprises. They don't need to worry."

"We'll offer equal protection on encrypted products and services, no matter where they are from," he added.

Different from passwords widely used when internet users register online, cryptography in the draft refers to products, services or technologies that are given encrypted protection or security authentication by special transformation of data.

Security chip of identification cards is an example of cryptography.