China and Vietnam promise continued collaboration against COVID-19

The meeting took place in Anji County, Zhejiang province /China's MoFa

China and Vietnam have pledged to step up cooperation in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic at a bilateral meeting.

During a visit to China, Vietnamese foreign minister Bui Thanh Son thanked his counterpart Wang Yi for supplies of vaccines and equipment provided so far.

Vietnam has seen a rise in cases since the summer but overall rates remain low compared with countries in Europe and the Americas.

Wang pledged to continue to offer support and both sides agreed to step up co-operation in the vaccine manufacturing chain.

The talks also encompassed trade. The two countries' bilateral relationship is worth about $200 billion but are also key global exporters. The minsters discussed ways to ensure stability and resilience in supply chains, according to an account of the meeting from China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Alongside a number of measures to encourage closer relations, both sides also agreed to encourage connections at youth and local level.

Finally, the subject of maritime relations, which has historically been a point of tension, was also raised. Son and Wang agreed to strive to inject "positive energy" into engagements over the issue, according to China's account.