China lowers prices of 14 cancer drugs

China's state medical insurance administration has lowered the procurement prices of 14 cancer drugs, asking provincial-level drug procurement platforms to follow the new standard by the end of September.

The National Healthcare Security Administration said Saturday patients are expected to be able to buy these drugs starting from September.


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The decision was based on a recent circular on the adjustment of medical insurance reimbursement and procurement prices of cancer drugs.

The administration will further its guidance to make sure the new prices are implemented, in order to allow the public to enjoy the benefits as soon as possible, a source from the administration said.

Negotiations have been underway between the administration and pharmaceutical companies to add more affordable cancer drugs to the country's medical insurance reimbursement list.

A range of drugs have been selected, with the administration confirming the producers' willingness to further negotiate. The drugs are all crucial in dealing with hematological neoplasms and solid tumors, and have great clinical value and bode huge benefits to patients, the administration said.

Negotiations launched in 2017 have lowered the prices of 15 clinically-effective yet highly-priced cancer drugs such as Heceptin, Rituximab, and Bortezomib, as well as added them to the medical insurance reimbursement list.