China to further promote social civility in rural areas

BEIJING, Oct. 29 (Xinhua) - Chinese authorities have released a guideline on efforts to further eliminate outmoded customs and promote social civility in rural areas.


File photo: VCG

Jointly issued by the Office of the Central Rural Work Leading Group, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and nine other departments, the guideline was unveiled at a press conference Tuesday.

Despite the progress seen in recent years, problems such as extravagant funerals and betrothal customs as well as a lack of filial piety still exist in rural areas, according to Han Jun, deputy director of the office and deputy head of the agriculture ministry.

The guideline is aimed at setting up sound management and working systems for rural civility across the country in three to five years.

It lists the general requirements for the efforts and expounds on major measures, such as making sure primary-level Party organizations in rural areas fulfill their duties, giving full play to the leading role of Party members and cadres and adding content on rural civility to relevant laws and regulations.

The efforts should also fully respect local customs and take the preferences of the people into consideration while avoiding compulsive or rigid measures in the process, said Han.