China builds its first pet care center for owners under COVID-19 quarantine
Global Times

Photo: Weibo account of Shenzhen Economic Daily

China has built its first pet care center in Shenzhen, South China's Guangdong Province to keep pets safe and healthy for owners who are isolated in centralized quarantine facilities due to COVID-19.

Covering an area of 8,500 square meters, the pet care center is now undergoing trials and can house up to 300 cats or dogs once it formally starts operations. Besides daily babysitting, the center will monitor the animal's health and provide medical treatment. All the services are currently free of charge.

As some people get separated from their pets when they are put under quarantine due to COVID-19 prevention and control measures, they are worried if their "fur baby" are safe and healthy.

According to the local market regulation authority, the pet care center was set to dispel concerns of pet owners and to fully guarantee the safety of the owners and the health of their pets.