Logistics company drug dealers given suspended death sentence
Global Times

Three people from Guangyuan, Southwest China's Sichuan Province have been sentenced to death with reprieve for transporting drugs through a logistics company. 
Police said it is the first case in Guangyuan of drugs being transported through logistics delivery, the China News Service reported on November 1. 
The report said another five were sentenced to 15 years in jail. Other people involved in the case also faced sentences of between five and 10 years.  
Located in a region covering Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu provinces, Guangyuan has become a major channel for drug dealers to transport drugs from South to North China. 
According to the police, the suspects put crystal meth in special local products and then transported the drug using their own logistics company. 
A total of 20 people were captured and 21 kilograms of crystal meth and 2.8 kilograms of other drugs have been confiscated. The case involved 400,000 yuan ($60,495). 
In October, 16 suspected drug dealers were apprehended in a city in Yunnan Province, one of the areas most affected by the drug trade in China, Xinhua reported.