China to promote use of electronic licenses and certificates to energize market players

BEIJING, July 6 (Xinhua) -- China will promote the application of electronic licenses and certificates involving companies in a well-paced manner, as part of the efforts to boost the vitality of market entities, according to a decision made at the State Council's Executive Meeting chaired by Premier Li Keqiang on Wednesday.

The meeting noted the need to implement macro policies to good effect and continue advancing the reform of government functions to further energize market players, so as to keep overall economic performance stable.

(Photo: Chengdu Business Daily)

In promoting law-based and service-oriented governance, steps will be taken to develop digital government and improve internet-empowered government service. These steps are designed to bolster the momentum for market entities to start businesses and grow, and are critical for making government services more efficient amid the development of an information society.

"Electronic business licenses have been in use for many years, and their application should be expanded," Li said.

The meeting called for orderly expanding the application of electronic licenses and certificates on the basis of ensuring information security. Electronic licenses have been applied for many years, and expanding their use will facilitate market transactions, energize market entities and contribute to economic development.

Electronic business licenses will be used on a broader scale in high-frequency business activities such as accessing the market, paying taxes, financing, tendering and bidding, and progress will be made in the simultaneous issuance of electronic seals and electronic business licenses, in order to lower institutional transaction costs.

Information sharing across departments and regions will be enhanced, so that electronic business licenses, among others, can be more broadly recognized.

Several cities will be selected to pilot the electronic application of ID cards in accordance with laws and regulations. Experience will be summed up and problems will be identified and addressed in a timely manner, and relevant laws and regulations will be improved.

Li pointed out, "Things must be done in compliance with related laws and regulations, especially when the information security of the public and market entities is involved."

The meeting highlighted the imperative to firmly safeguard information security. Regulations on security management will be improved, and capacity for security protection will be enhanced to protect personal data and trade secrets in accordance with law.

Such efforts are aimed at making the application of electronic licenses and certificates secure, reliable, convenient and efficient, so that people and enterprises can get things done with ease and comfort.

Various misconducts, such as unlawful use and overuse of personal or corporate data in violation of their rights and interests will be investigated and seriously handled in line with laws and regulations.