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New wild panda habitat found in Sichuan

A new wild panda habitat was discovered in the Zhenghe area of Wolong, southwestern China’s Sichuan Province, on Tuesday, according to the Sichuan Wolong National Natural Reserve Administration.


According to the source, the habitat was discovered when three local wildlife protection team members were trying to sample and record DNA information of the wild pandas in the area. After collecting some fresh panda feces at a slope area at the altitude of 2,770m, the team members were resting themselves under a tree. Several minutes later, barks started falling from above. At first, the team members didn’t give it too much attention. With more and more barks falling from the tree, the protection team members looked up simultaneously, a panda cub was found climbing leisurely on a branch, and the branches moved up and down with its steps. Then, the panda cub found a comfortable branch and napped on it.

The chubby panda cub, estimated to be 7 months old and 20kg, was sleeping soundly in the tree. The wildlife protection team members assumed its mother must be somewhere nearby, so they left and gave the leisure and peaceful area back to the pandas.

The habitat is in the core area of the Wolong Natural Reserve in Sichuan Province, a typical high mountain valley landform. In the last investigation from 2011 to 2014, investigators failed to enter the core area. This time, three team members climbed up from a crack, found a flat area in the center that had edible bamboo for pandas. The discovery of this new panda habitat fills the blank of the investigation on the pandas in this area, and allows for updates in the DNA records of pandas in Sichuan Province.

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