Chengdu reports 1 more asymptomatic COVID-19 case on Saturday
China Daily

Medical workers collect throat swabs at a nucleic acid testing site in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province, on Dec 9, 2020. (Photo: Xinhua)

Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province, had reported 11 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and two asymptomatic cases by 6 pm on Saturday, according to Xie Qiang, head of the city's health commission.

The new asymptomatic case reported on Saturday is a 49-year-old jobless woman surnamed Wang who lives in Pitong Street which is the seat of Pidu district of Chengdu.

She is the wife of Zhang, a 50-year-old migrant worker confirmed to be a COVID-19 patient on Thursday during the second round of nucleic acid testing conducted among close contacts of COVID-19 patients, Xie said.

Wang was quarantined on Tuesday and tested positive on Saturday during the third round of testing for close contacts of confirmed COVID-19 patients, he said.

By midnight on Friday, Chengdu had reported 10 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and two asymptomatic cases. One of the two asymptomatic cases became a confirmed case of COVID-19 today and a new asymptomatic case was found between midnight on Friday and 6 pm today, he said.

As all the confirmed and asymptomatic cases are from Pidu, four of Chengdu's five medium-risk areas are in the suburban district of Chengdu.

Pidu started districtwide universal free COVID-19 testing at 6 pm on Friday, planning to finish testing of all of its more than 800,000 inhabitants. By 6 pm on Saturday, 783,371 samples were collected and testing for 659,281 of them was completed, Xie said.