China plans further AI development
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Photo: VCG

China’s Ministry of Science and Technology held a symposium themed on New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan last week in Beijing, establishing the specific arrangement for further AI development in China.

According to the plan, four high-tech companies will lead the development in respective areas:

Baidu Inc will lead building the new generation of self-driving open innovation platform.

Alibaba Cloud will lead creating the new generation of “city brain” open innovation platform.

Tencent Inc will lead initiating the new generation of medical image open innovation platform.

Voice recognition company iFLYTEK will lead establishing the new generation of intelligence speech open innovation platform.

In July, the State Council of China mapped out New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan, which divided the strategic goals into three steps.

The first step is to keep up the overall technology and application of AI on an advanced level of the world and make the AI industry a new growth point by 2020.

The second step is to achieve a major breakthrough in AI theory and parts of technology and application are on the top level in the world, making AI the driving force for China’s industrial upgrading and economic transformation by 2025.

The third step is to reach the world’s leading position of AI theory as well as technology and application by 2030. Remarkable achievements will be made in the building of major world AI innovation center, intelligent economy and smart society.

(Compiled by Zhang Shan of People's Daily app)