Doctors get their teeth into World Oral Health Day
By Cai Wenjun

A doctor from Shanghai No. 9 People's Hospital teaches a girl how to brush teeth correctly.

A cartoon book was released on Saturday, World Oral Health Day, to promote healthy dental care habits among children.

Doctors from Shanghai No. 9 People’s Hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s school of stomatology and local primary students and teachers gathered to promote oral care knowledge and enjoy the cartoon books.

Proper oral care habit is beneficial not only for oral and maxillofacial development but also to the overall growth of children, medical experts said. Good habits and awareness should be cultivated from childhood.

Dr Zhu Min from Shanghai No. 9 People’s Hospital, writer of the book, said it targets children under 10 years old.

The book can help children and parents learn the importance of oral health, and guide them to look for professional help for certain symptoms.

Students receive the cartoon books as gifts from local medical experts.

Shanghai Stomatology Hospital also offered free consultations and education during the special day.

“A balanced diet is important for oral health," said Dr Zhang Yin from the hospital. "Eating proper amounts of carbohydrates, vegetable and fruit can help clean teeth and reduce the risk of tooth decay. Chewy food like corn can stimulate maxillofacial development for children and enhance the growth of permanent teeth and jaw development.

“Frequent eating of hard food wears enamel away and leads to sensitivity."

Doctors from Shanghai Stomatology Hospital promote oral health consultation and education.