Henan Province reports outbreak of African swine fever

BEIJING, Aug. 16 (Xinhua) -- An outbreak of African swine fever has been discovered in a slaughterhouse in Zhengzhou, capital of central Chian's Henan Province, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said Thursday.

Investigation showed that the slaughterhouse in an economic development zone in Zhengzhou bought 260 pigs from a market in Tangyuan County, Jiamusi in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province. Some 30 of the pigs had died of the African swine fever as of early Thursday morning.

The agricultural ministry has sent teams to both Henan and Heilongjiang.

Henan has initiated an emergency response mechanism to block, cull, and disinfect the affected pigs.

The situation is under control.

Earlier this month, an outbreak of African swine fever was discovered in a farm in Shenyang, capital of northeast China's Liaoning Province. It was China's first outbreak of the disease.

African swine fever is a highly contagious, viral disease that infects pigs. It does not affect humans or other animal species.