Beijing orders supervisors, feedback mechanism at kindergartens
By Global Times
Global Times


Beijing's education commission vowed Tuesday to thoroughly promote supervision in preschool and create a feedback mechanism between kindergartens and parents.

The Beijing Municipal Education Commission said on Tuesday that based on the inspection work to eliminate risks in preschools, all public or registered-private kindergartens should have a supervisor, the China News Service reported on Tuesday.

"A feedback mechanism composed of the kindergarten, parents and supervisors should be created," Shi Shuai, said an official in charge of supervisors from the government of Beijing's Xicheng district, adding that supervisors should maintain communication with parents while promoting kindergarten work, the Xinhua News Agency said.

Supervisors were appointed all high schools and elementary schools in Beijing at the end of 2013. The supervisor's name, picture, contact and supervision items are presented at the schools' gates.

The Beijing Municipal Education Commission on Sunday vowed to build a database of all kindergartens in the capital which will be used as a monitoring system. The commission also requires a supervisor to be assigned to each kindergarten in Beijing to monitor, manage and ensure that the kindergarten follows regulations.

The moves follows reports of several alleged child abuse scandals that have shaken parents across the country.

New allegations have surfaced following child abuse incidents at RYB Education kindergarten in Beijing's Chaoyang district, which remains at the center of public attention.

Media reports on Thursday alleged multiple cases of child abuse at RYB Education kindergarten, with parents claiming their children had puncture marks from needles and had been given unknown types of pills.

Police are also investigating claims of suspected child abuse at Huanyu kindergarten, another kindergarten in Beijing's Chaoyang district. Parents of children enrolled at Huanyu kindergarten claimed on Monday that teachers also pricked the children with needles.