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Nine people died, 10 seriously injured after Taiwan hospital fire

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Nine people were killed in a hospital fire in New Taipei City.

Authorities said the fire started in a ward on the seventh floor.

Local residents said they heard loud banging sounds.

24 patients were transferred to other hospitals for emergency treatment.

Authorities are investigating the cause of the fire. (People's Daily app)


Koreas to hold summit in Pyongyang in September


South Korea and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea agree to hold a third summit in Pyongyang in September.

The agreement was reached during high-level talks between the two sides at the border village of Panmunjom.

There had been local media speculations that the two Koreas already agreed upon the date and venue for the third Moon-Kim summit as the two sides had working-level contacts before the high-level dialogue. (People's Daily app, Xinhua)


2, including Chinese tourist, killed in Kenya hippo attacks

Chinese tourists.jpeg

A hippopotamus kills a Chinese tourist in Kenya’s Rift Valley.  

This comes just hours after a local fisherman was mauled to death in the same area.

A second Chinese tourist was injured in the incident Saturday night and received treatment at a local hospital.

A Wildlife service spokesman says investigators are still determining why the two Chinese tourists were attacked.  

He says attacks on tourists are rare because they are usually protected by guides. (AP)


Typhoon Yagi makes landfall in east China's Zhejiang

yagi 3.jpeg

Typhoon Yagi makes landfall late Sunday in East China's Zhejiang Province.

That brought gales of up to force 10, or 102 kilometers per hour at its eye.

By Sunday afternoon, 204,949 people in the province had been evacuated.

Thousands of fishing boats and other vessels had returned to port or safe waters.

The strong tropical storm is estimated to gradually wane as it keeps moving northwest. (Xinhua)


Turkey pledges lira action to calm markets


Turkey vows to take measures to calm market fears sparked by the precipitous plunge in the lira's value.

This, as its president accused Washington of spearheading an "underhand plot" against his country.

The dispute between the two NATO allies has also raised questions over the future partnership between Washington and Ankara.

The already embattled Turkish lira tumbled 16 percent against the dollar on Friday as US President Donald Trump said he had doubled steel and aluminium tariffs on Turkey. (AFP)


China designs spacecraft to extend lifespan of satellites


Chinese satellite experts are designing a new type of spacecraft capable of moving a de-orbiting satellite back into its intended orbit.

The China Academy of Space Technology says its engineers are conducting research and development on the proposed spacecraft that would help bring satellites that have run short on fuel or experienced technical problems back to their designed trajectories.

The new spacecraft is engineered to connect to a target satellite through robotic arms and provide attitude control assistance and push the satellite back into its proper orbit. (China Daily)


Anti-protesters boo far-right demonstrators in Washington

washington rally.jpg

And counter-protesters dwarf White supremacist demonstrations in Washington DC.

The gathering in the US capital was to mark the one-year anniversary of the deadly Charlottesville protest.

That’s when a white supremacist killed a female anti-protester, sparking nationwide furor.

US President Donald Trump drew a firestorm of criticism last year following the deadly riots, when he said "both sides" were to blame for the violence. (CGTN, Xinhua)


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