Costumed teachers cheer up students before gaokao
People's Daily


Photos: IC

As gaokao, China’s national higher education entrance exam, is approaching, teachers from the Nanning No.4 High School in South China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region all dressed up as popular characters in anime and computer games on Friday, a unique way to reduce the pressure for students who will have the gaokao.

A total of 492 students saw their teachers, who usually look strict and serious, dress up as the Monkey King, Spiderman, Snow White, and others.


There has been a tradition for many high schools in China to have a perking-up meeting for students prior to the gaokao, which will be held on June 7 and 8. The examination is a prerequisite for entrance into almost all higher education institutions at the undergraduate level. It is usually taken by students in their last year of senior high school, although there has been no age restriction since 2001.


(Compiled by Qu Qiuyan)