Shanghai Wild Animal Park raises baby chimp for the first time

(ECNS) -- A baby chimpanzee was born on Sept. 1, 2022. Her weight has grown from 1,750 grams at birth to 2,600 grams and she now drinks milk seven times a day.

(Photo provided to ECNS)

This baby chimpanzee's parents are named "Lu Lu" and "Nan Nan". Lulu is a first-time mother and has little experience in child-rearing. After birth, the baby chimpanzee was hand-raised by zookeepers. It is said that this is the first time that an infant animal was successfully hand-raised by Shanghai Wild Animal Park.

Nursery staff in the park have customized a set of nursery procedures based on the experience of their counterparts at home and abroad. It is reported that in the first month, the baby chimpanzee didn't fit. However, after nursery staff taking good care of the baby chimp, it grew up healthy. Now, the staff feed the baby every three hours.