China improves legal support for reform, opening-up in Hainan


(Photo: China Daily)

The Supreme People's Court (SPC) has issued a circular on enhancing legal support for comprehensive reform and opening-up in the island province of Hainan, said a statement from SPC on Thursday.

To advance the establishment of the pilot free trade zone and a free trade port with Chinese characteristics on the island, the SPC stressed the importance to improve the implementation of trials to ensure a legal, international and convenient business climate and a fair, open and unified market in Hainan.

The circular underscored the significant role of justice in protecting intellectual property, and the SPC supports the idea of establishing an intellectual property court and an international intellectual property exchange on the island.

To secure financial market orders and promote the internationalization of the Chinese currency renminbi, financial cases must be judged carefully according to law, said the circular.

In the document, the SPC required relevant authorities to pay special attention to commercial trials with foreign parties involved, equally protect the legitimate interests of both domestic and foreign parties, and safeguard international trade orders.

The circular also demands careful judgment in cases involving tourism, the environment and resources.