HKSAR gov't launches policy address consultation
China Daily

John Lee poses for a photo April 13, 2022. (Photo: Agencies)

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government launched a public consultation for the chief executive's 2022 policy address on Monday.

HKSAR Chief Executive John Lee is expected to deliver his first policy address on Oct 19 this year, according to a press release of the HKSAR government.

Lee was quoted by the press release as saying that he and his governing team are pleased to start a new chapter for Hong Kong together with fellow Hong Kong citizens.

The chief executive advocates a people-based governing belief, while pursuing a result-oriented approach to serve members of the public in a pragmatic manner, he said.

"I shall turn my electoral promises and community interests into practical measures to improve governance, strengthen the momentum for development, tackle people's concerns, and unite the community," while leveraging on Hong Kong's unique strengths of having the motherland's support and its connection with the world to build a harmonious and diverse community where development opportunities abound, he said.

Lee invited members of the public to give their views on the 2022 policy address to drive him and his governing team in better serving citizens and the development of Hong Kong.

The HKSAR government will conduct about 30 consultation sessions to listen to views and suggestions of the Legislative Council members, representatives of various sectors and members of the public.

Lee and his governing team will also conduct district visits to meet with members of the public and representatives of different sectors to tap public views through multiple channels.